Jane, I was thrilled with the painting you did of our Maltese, Gabriel. It looks just like him and I will treasure it always!
I hung it in my den where I can enjoy seeing it; and every time I look at it I appreciate your artistic talent.

Thanks, Di

 I would like to say thank you. It was such a pleasure working with Jane Schum, she made it an easy process with an open line of communication, and double checking features, to insure details were perfect. In the end she was able to produce a priceless painting of my beloved cocker spaniel Monkey. I am forever grateful for her talents.

Sincerely, Christopher B. Dillard

 Jane did a great job with very few photos of my pets. I lost a dog and 2 old cats in one year. She was able to do a portrait of all three as a memorial. She was easy to work with and had some great ideas for getting them all together in one portrait. I love my 3 boys on a round piece of wood which goes with the interior of my garden room. It's very unique and eye catching!  I love her dearly for what she's done for me with my pet memory memorial. 


I so much appreciate Jane Schum's artistic talent and especially her attention to the smallest detail in the portrait she did of our dog. Even though we live a thousand miles away, Jane was able to perceptively glean enough detail from several photographs. She took her right ear from one photo and her left ear from another. Her nose came from a third! Our sweet girl—a Border collie mix—had a beautiful fine coat that was entirely unique, with white blending into differing shades of grays, browns, and tans. Jane’s fine technique looks as if she painted each tiny hair individually. The result is stunning! The picture is now framed and over our fireplace mantle in our family room. Each one of Jane's insightful brushstrokes brings back the memory of the sparkle in her eyes, her intelligence, silly nature, and love of life.  Thank you, Jane, for such a lasting memento of our girl.  

Cindy K., Grand Rapids, Michigan

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