Please look through the Portfolio and read the Testimonials from her customers.

Jane would love to paint your pet! 

Pastel requires special handling and shipping, but that is included in the price. The portrait must be framed under glass to preserve the chalk, and that’s the only requirement. Framing is up to you and your taste, of course.

Half of the price must be paid before she will begin, with the balance due upon completion of the portrait. Payments are made through PayPal unless other arrangements are made. 
Photos of your pet must be close and clear, and hopefully on your pet's level. So many pet owners photograph their loved one as they are looking down on the pet on the floor. To get a good likeness, the photo should be a close up face to face, if possible. Please send all photos in a .jpg format. Jane has painted several memorial portraits where good photos are not available. She will work with you in any way she possibly can. 

Half of the price required upfront and is not be refundable.


Small 5x5 inches           $200
Medium 6x6 inches      $300 
Large 9x11 inches         $400

Overseas shipping and handling will be extra


Jane Schum grew up in a family of artists, musicians, and writers. She was exposed to the very best of the creative arts from childhood, and has studied these venues all her life.  Jane lives with her husband, 3 dogs and 2 cats in rural South Georgia where life is relaxed and neighbors are important. She also cares for 5 kitties who call her large Southern porch home. Her studio is in this 104 year old renovated home on a quiet street in a small town. 
At this point in her career, she wants to focus on pet portraits in pastel on 400 grit sandpaper, and built this website with the good folks at GoDaddy with the hope that others will see her work and ask her to paint a portrait of their pets! 
Please see the Portfolio and Testimonial pages. She can paint your pet’s portrait from your photos, and do it all by email. The portrait will be shipped to you with instructions regarding framing. Special care is used in shipping because the pastel is not sealed.

Welcome to Jane’s Website!